Acceptance of Service


Verbal and written acceptance of contracts by customers will be deemed to be binding. On making the booking the following are agreed upon:


1. Bookings must be made with a deposit and confirmation in writing/email.

2. Full payment must be made no later than 21 days before the hire period.

3. Bookings are for a three hour hire period. The hire period will commence at the agreed time of arrival at the first pickup point.

4. Whilst every effort is afforded to maintain our vehicles to the highest standard, responsibility cannot be accepted for a breakdown and/or any missed connection(s) for function(s) that this may cause(for your information the car has not broken down in 7 years). In the unlikely event a refund will be given, but please do know that maintenace of this vehicle is performed by specialists and no costs are spared ever.

5. The company cannot accept responsibility for any possessions left in the vehicle. Please ensure all belongings are removed from the vehicle before the end of the hire period. If we do find anything we will happily return them to you by post.

6. No responsibility can be taken for any accident arising out of the consumption of champagne or other food or drink whilst the car is in motion.

7. This is a non-smoking vehicle.

8. The company may take photographs of your wedding or event and use them for promotional or website material. Please advise us before the hire period should this not be acceptable.